• Brooke Nelson
    Brooke Nelson
    Multiple Needs/ Grade:3-5
     This is my 8th year of teaching and all of my teaching experience has been right here at Oakdale Elementary! I am so excited to continue on this journey with the wonderful staff, students and parents at Oakdale. I teach the upper elementary students here at Oakdale who are in the Multiple Needs Program and I love it! I am looking forward to an amazing year!

    I am officially a “cheesehead” and live in Ellsworth Wisconsin, which is just east of Hudson by about 20 miles. Go Packers! My husband’s name is Jesse and I have 2 kids. Ian is 3 ½ and Kate is 16 months. I love to swim, play the piano and be with family and friends. I have 3 sisters and we are all very close. Our dream is to someday have a hobby farm with lots of land for the kids to run and play!

    I went to college at Winona State University and graduated with a degree in Special Education both in Learning Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities. I just graduated from St. Mary’s University 2 years ago with a Masters Degree in Education: Teaching and Learning.

    Oakdale is a fabulous place to learn with a welcoming and loving environment, set for student success! I am proud to be a part of this amazing teaching and learning community!