• Paula Norman
    Paula Norman
    Department: Music

    I began my first year of teaching in Rochester, NY and then two years in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have been at Oakdale Elementary since 1987.  I moved from Battle Creek St. Paul to South Maplewood so that my daughter Cassie could be a part of this wonderful public school district. Cassie just graduated from Tartan Senior High School.  I met my husband Nathan at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY and we have been married for 22 years.  I have a bachelor of music education degree and a master's degree in music performance.  I have attended many music workshops at the University of St. Thomas.

    I teach the district 622 essential outcomes for music using the following ideas:

    Singing alone and in a group with circle games and little props
    Dancing with formations and freestyle
    Theater with props and costumes
    Magnetic staff boards for hands-on note reading
    Large rubber spots & beanie babies for the floor staff to allow kids to walk on the music staff
    Recorder playing for 4th and 5th graders
    Choir for 4th/5th graders and NO AUDITIONS
    Orff instruments (xylophones) for work on melody and harmonies
    Hand drums for layering rhythms and steady beat 
    Music books that help children enjoy music from around the world, performed by authentic world-class musicians. 

    Send me an e-mail or
    give me a phone call with any concerns or feedback, or come up after a concert to say hi. I plan on having fun with your kids!