• Oakdale Elementary is proud to have a number of resources for students identified as high potential or accelerated learners through programs such as SAIL and Young Scholars.  
    SAIL stands for Students Accelerated In Learning.  It is a pull-out program for students who have been identified as gifted, as well as students who exhibit a specific academic strength; such as math, reading, or creative thinking.  The group meets for one hour once a week, with three curricular units: Inventions, Research, and Hands-On Equations. Each lesson begins with a critical thinking activity that allows the students to practice and discuss strategies and solutions.  Students display their work in an Inventions Fair, Research Fair, and have fun at our end of the year Game Night.  Students also have the opportunity to attend COMET, a week-long enrichment class at the Science Museum of Minnesota.  Students also participate in lessons addressing the emotional needs of gifted students.

    The Young Scholars (YS) program is a model that has been adapted from Fairfax County and ISD 196 Public Schools. Committed professionals from District 622 use this approach to find and identify students from underserved populations with high potential who are not likely to be considered for gifted programs using traditional methods of identification, and who, without that opportunity, are less likely to pursue advanced levels of learning on their own. Historically, these students have lacked access to gifted services, advocates for their high potential, and affirmation of their advanced abilities.


    Young Scholars promotes the notion of nurturing, guidance, and support for continuous academic growth beginning in kindergarten. Early identification coupled with early intervention allows each Young Scholars school to provide learning experiences that strengthen basic skills and require students to apply knowledge at a more complex level. At each YS school, classroom teachers in collaboration with the Young Scholars Specialist will observe students, collect anecdotal records, review test scores and identify scholars who have gifted potential. Once identified, Young Scholars will receive a variety of enrichment designed to support and nurture advanced academic abilities. Teachers

    design curriculum and instruction that allows students to question, explore, and investigate content and ideas. Summer Day Camp will provide Young Scholars with challenging learning experiences with intellectual peers.

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    If you have any questions regarding Oakdale Elementary's SAIL or Young Scholars Program, feel free to contact Dr. Clark at 651-748-7677, or via email at sclark@isd622.org.