• School Board Overview

    Role of the School Board

    The School Board of Independent School District 622 transacts matters pertaining to the maintenance and operation of the School District. The state gives the School Board the authority and responsibility to: 

    • Develop and adopt policies for the operation of the schools.
    • Employ a superintendent to provide educational leadership for the district and to serve as its chief administrative officer.
    • Provide materials, equipment, supplies and facilities to support an effective educational program.
    • Express and represent the view of the school district community on educational issues.
    • Provide equal educational opportunities for every child in accordance with state and federal statutes.  

    Members of the School Board are elected by you to represent your interests in determining how our schools will be operated.

    The Board establishes policies on everything from curriculum to athletic programs, and these policies are carried out by the superintendent of schools. 

    Board members must stand for election every four years.

    Board sets goals for the school year

    Each year the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School Board sets goals to focus on for the upcoming school year.

    The board sets annual goals to maximize the achievement of all learners, expand learning partnerships and opportunities, practice strong fiscal responsibility and keep all stakeholders informed. 

    The following goals were adopted:

    1. Continue to direct and empower the superintendent to hold staff accountable for improving student achievement, closing learning gaps and creating a sustained sense of urgency for positive change.
    2. Continue to strengthen and create partnerships to expand learning opportunities and to maximize effective and efficient use of resources.
    3. Continue to reallocate resources and provide optimum educational opportunities for all learners while maintaining sound financial health.
    4. Communicate District 622 key messages with internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Contact Information

    Email SchoolBoard@ISD622.org with questions/comments. 

    Michelle Yener, Chair
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2026

    Nancy Livingston, Vice Chair
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024 

    Dan Peltzman, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2026

    Caleb Anderson, Treasurer
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2026

    Kita Yang, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024

    Julia Martens, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024

    Charlotte Nitardy, Clerk
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024