The PTA is a non-profit, school-based organization, designed to support our students and staff. The PTA is comprised of all the Richardson parents and/or guardians.
    PTA Goals & Objectives


    • To support and enrich our children's education
    • To facilitate good communication between administration, staff and parents
    • To promote school spirit
    • To encourage volunteerism


    PTA Bylaws
    To review the bylaws of the PTA, including information regarding the roles of the PTA officers, click here.
    PTA Activities

    Be sure to check out the calendar under the parent section for current information on PTA and school activities.

    PTA Fundraising
    The PTA sponsors a number of fundraising efforts throughout the year. The money earned goes to support our children and their education in the following ways:
    • Pays for the bus costs for all field trips
    • Pays for the cost of the field trip for those students who are unable to pay their way
    • Provides scholarships for students to attend COMET
    • Provides a stipend to each classroom teacher to purchase supplies
    • Pays for BRAVO performances, which expose children to various cultural arts
    • Pays for the Birthday Books each child receives
    • Other needs as they arise throughout the year

    For a specific breakdown of the income and expenses of the PTA, please contact the treasurer.



    2018-2019 PTA Officers
    President - Neil Ruthenberg -  RichardsonPTAPresident@gmail.com
    Treasurer - Jessica Deegan
    Secretary - Susan Ruthenberg
    Please contact the officers with any comments or suggestions.