Weaver Elementary School

SchoolDistrict 622

Our staff at Weaver is committed to support students, families, and one another.  

If you have any questions about your child's education, you may contact your child's teacher or contact the office.
All Weaver staff are listed in alphabetical order. 

Staff Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Aden, Sahara Somali Liaison 748-7000 saden@isd622.org
Bjork, Lynn Grade 2 748-7046lbjork@isd622.org
Carlsen, Katie Intervention 748-7061 kcarlsen@isd622.org
Carlson, Kristine Speech 748-7073 kcarlson1@isd622.org
Casey, Brian Nurse (Health Aide) 748-7015 bcasey@isd622.org
Charpentier, Janet DHH 748-6108 jcharpentier@isd622.org
Cortez, Paula Building EA 748-7000 pcortez@isd622.org
Damiano, Bethany Grade 1 748-7044 bdamiano@isd622.org
Dunham, Bob Receptionist 748-7003 bdunham@isd622.org
Edlund, Christa Kindergarten 748-7063 cedlund@isd622.org
Edlund, Mark Receptionist 748-7003 medlund@isd622.org
Everson, Jennifer Paraprofessional 748-7000 jeverson@isd622.org
Foster, Kay Special Education 748-7007 cfoster@isd622.org
Freeman, Heather Grade 5 748-7055 hfreeman@isd622.org
Gagliardi, Mike Head Engineer 748-7097 mgagliardi@isd622.org
Gauer-Kloos, Megan PBIS 748-7143 mgauerkloos@isd622.org
Gordon, Julie High Potential 748-7051 jgordon@isd622.org
Grumbir, Santina School Psychologist 748-7023 sgrumbir@isd622.org
Harshman, Barb Office Coordinator (Sub) 748-7001 bharshman@isd622.org
Haster, Jessica Title I 748-7035 jhaster@isd622.org
Hennessey, Meghan Kindergarten 748-7070 mhennessey@isd622.org
Her, Mar Grade 4 748-7060 mher@isd622.org
Herzog, Barbara Math 748-7000 bherzog@isd622.org
Holloway, Katelyn Kindergarten 748-7043 kholloway@isd622.org
Hong, Marissa Grade 3 748-7047 mhong@isd622.org
Hook, Kristin Volunteer Coordinator 748-7016 khook@isd622.org
Hubler, Sharon Grade 1 748-7040 shubler@isd622.org
Jaskulske, Jacqueline Grade 1 748-7058 jjaskulske@isd622.org
Jasperson, Daniel Evening Custodian 748-7097 djasperson@isd622.org
Johnson, Adam Grade 5 748-7061 ajohnson6@isd622.org
Kelly, Brittany Adventure Connection 748-7098 bkelly2@isd622.org
Klass, Carly Kindergarten 748-7018 cklass@isd622.org
Kleppe, Samuel Grade 2 748-7045 skleppe@isd622.org
Kluck, Amy Grade 3 748-7041 akluck@isd622.org
Knowles, Peggy Building EA 748-7096 pknowles@isd622.org
Lam, Que Building EA 748-7000 tlam@isd622.org
Larson, Meredith EL Teacher 748-7065 mlarson@isd622.org
Leach, Jessica Title I 748-7036 jleach@isd622.org
Long, Jeanie DAPE 748-7000 jlong@isd622.org
Lukin-Johnson, Torrie Grade 1 748-7068 tlukin@isd622.org
Maciosek, Joni Building EA 748-7037 jmaciosek@isd622.org
Malcolm, Victoria Paraprofessional 748-7000 vmalcolm@isd622.org
McComb, Shaylee Music 748-7067 smccomb@isd622.org
McHutchison, Debra Grade 5 748-7057 dmchutchison@isd622.org
McHutchison, Michael STEM 748-7069 mmchutchison@isd622.org
Moreno, Leesha Reading Corp Tutor 748-7000 lmoreno@isd622.org
Mott, Sharon Building EA 748-7000 smott@isd622.org
Mowery, Christopher Behavior Intervention 748-7033 cmowery@isd622.org
O’Conor, Megan Occupational Therapist 748-7028 moconor@isd622.org
O’Leary, Peggy Grade 3 748-7042 poleary@isd622.org
Pederson, Dana Physical Education 748-7020 dpederson@isd622.org
Pratts, Roberto Grade 4 748-7059 rpratts@isd622.org
Rapp, Katie Grade 4 748-7056 krapp@isd622.org
Rock, Andrea Grade 2 748-7043 arock@isd622.org
Ronsberg, Doug Special Education 748-7064 dronsberg@isd622.org
Rose, Sonja Title I 748-7036 srose@isd622.org
Rothstein, Jacquelyn Behavior Intervention 748-7033 jrothstein@isd622.org
Russ, Mary Playground Monitor 748-7000 mruss@isd622.org
Saunders, Sarah Cafeteria 748-7004 ssaunders@isd622.org
Schmahl, Rob Technical Support 748-1981 rschmahl@isd622.org
Schmidt, Christa EL Teacher 748-7049 cschmidt2@isd622.org
Shawki, Laurie Instructional Coach 748-7050 lshawki@isd622.org
Stickler, Christina Nurse 748-7015 cstickler@isd622.org
Stowers, Gene Playground Monitor 748-7000 gstowers@isd622.org
Stowers, Mary Lunchroom Monitor 748-7000 mstowers@isd622.org
Trumper, Leah Social Worker 748-7027 ltrumper@isd622.org
Tucci, Julie Cafeteria Manager 748-7004 jtucci@isd622.org
Vang, Mai Nhia Grade 3 748-7058 mvang2@isd622.org
Vermilyea, Susan Paraprofessional 748-7000 svermilyea@isd622.org
Walker, Jennifer EL Teacher 748-7065 jwalker@isd622.org
Weldon, Rachel AM Monitor
748-7000 rweldon2@isd622.org
Weldon, Rita AM Monitor
Playground Monitor
748-7000 rweldon@isd622.org
Xiong, Pangjua Principal 748-7010 pxiong2@isd622.org
Yang, Mee Hmong Liaison 748-7005 myang5@isd622.org