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    Adam Ghormley
    Industrial Technology
    Phone: 651-748-6453

    Welcome to Industrial Technology!
    Mr. Ghormley, considered by many to be the best teacher at John Glenn, has been teaching Industrial Technology since 2007. In his tenure he has witnessed the creation of many amazing projects. Most people in our present day believe that mere middle school youths are not capable of safe productive work in a shop environment, but Mr. Ghormley knows better. He knows that middle school is the place for building cool projects, such as 3D printed creations, Electrical circuits, CO2 Cars, even Adirondack Chairs. He knows John Glenn students are computer wizards able to make amazing invitations, crazy wood shop projects, and professional blueprints with AutoDesk. Mr. Ghormley knows that even though parents and other teachers say we go to school only to learn, we really come to have fun. 
    If you are lucky enough to enter into the hallowed ground which Mr Ghormley's class resides you can expect:
    6th grade  - 1 trimester long
      In this course you will learn about the design process. How to plan, draw, build, and test projects of your own creation. You will learn how to draw and measure by hand and on the computers. You will learn how to use automated tools to create projects you can take home!
    7th grade - Full Year
    First trimester we start with the Magic of Electrons, we learn how electricity works and learn how to create and build a circuit. To help us learn we use snap circuits to build circuits and learn about electrical parts and the behavior of electricity through those parts. Second trimester we will dive into the design world. By learning how to draw on the computer we will design a CO2 car, racing them at the end of the trimester to see who claims to be the design champion. Third trimester we will learn about manufacturing by combining as a class to make a Kentucky chair for each student in the class. 
    8th grade - Full year
    We will start the year with Robotics and Automation, where we learn about mechanisms and how to automate them. We will build some small robots using VEX kits and simple programming language to accomplish some tasks. Second trimester we will learn how to draw and design items on the computer using the CAD program AutoDesk Inventor. We will then learn how to make those computer drawings real by printing them with our 3D printers in the computer lab. Third trimester we will get a brief exposure to small engines. We will finish up the year by making Adirondack chairs rounding out an amazing year. 
     All class materials and assignments will be posted on google classroom. There will never be homework for my class!  


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