Jennifer Jensen
    6th Grade Language Arts
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    The 2019-20 School Year is off to a great start! Please read about our units of study this year as well as homework expectations, and resources for communication about the class and how your child is achieving



    -September/October/November:  Deep Study of Character

    -November/December/January:  Theme and Five Paragraph Essay Writing

    -January/February/March:  Nonfiction and Comprehension Reading Test Strategies

    -March:  Poetry

    -March/April/May: Social Issues

    -May:  Short Story Writing




    Students are to read 15 to 30 pages at home every day in a chapter book at their “Just Right” reading level.


    Starting November 1st, students will have a reading response journal to complete on one chapter book a month.  Students will be reading 5 books total, one due on the first school day of each month.  For this assignment graphic novels and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books are not allowed.  Although many students enjoy reading these types of books, they are often below the students’ reading levels.  We want to encourage the students to be reading books at their reading level for this assignment that they haven’t read before.  To find books for this assignment, students are able to check out books from our school library, using a book they haven’t read before from home, one they purchased at any store or through Scholastic (book orders given out in class), borrowed from others, or checked out from the public library.

    Due dates for monthly reading response journals are:

    -Monday, Dec. 2nd

    -Thursday, Jan. 2nd

    -Monday, Feb. 3rd

    -Monday, Mar. 2nd

    -Wednesday, April 1st



    These homework assignments will alternate weeks so expect every Monday night at lease one homework assignment to be coming home.  All homework assigned Monday is due Friday of that same week.

                   -VOCABULARY TAKE HOME TESTS-students take notes in class on critical vocabulary words tied to our reading units.  The note sheets should always stay in their binders.  It’s the responsibility of the students to make sure they are taking their notes and finishing up the activities tied to the notes which will help them on the take home test.  Vocabulary reference notes can be found in the classroom on the wall, and my teacher website.  The words we’ve had so far this year are character trait, conflict, infer, pivotal  moment, and theory.  These same words are used throughout our analysis of our literature, in whole class and small group discussion, and one-on-one with students.  Students should become experts at the vocabulary presented this year.  All students have the opportunity to earn back points missed by stapling their test corrections to the original take home test and turning it back in to me before the end of the quarter.

                   -UNIT STUDY COMPREHENSION PRACTICE QUESTIONS-students will be challenged to use their reading strategies studied in our units, critical vocabulary learned, and testing strategies to complete a short reading passage with questions.  Students will be interacting with the text by underlining text evidence and explaining their answers.

                   -OTHER UNIT ASSIGNMENTS-students will extend their practice on key concepts studied in class by completing assignments at home which utilize important concepts being studied.



    Grade Slips:  On the 1st and 15th of every month current grade slips will be sent home with your child.  Please sign it so I know the grade information was communicated home and have your child bring it back to class the next day.

    Teacher Email Communication about Ds and Fs:  Every Friday I will send out an email to parent emails of students with Ds and Fs just to make sure there is consistent communication home regarding the low grade.  If you do not have a parent email entered in our school system, please let me know how you would prefer to be contacted.

    Access parent/student portal any time through the isd622.org website to access your child’s grade anytime.

    Class website:   On this website you will find a reminder of units of study, due dates, and upcoming important activities.  You will also find our vocabulary words and information about the words which will help students who did not get their notes finished in class or who lose their vocabulary sheets and need the notes again.

    Contact me directly any time:  jjensen@isd622.org or 651-748-6488

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your child’s teacher this year,


    Jennifer Jensen

     6th Grade Language Arts



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