Ryan Larson
    Department / Grade: Social Studies  7th Grade
    Phone: 748-6409
    Classroom Calendar and Website:
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    Hello and Welcome to 7th grade US Studies Class!
    Subject: 7th grade US Studies
    Coaching: Football, Strength Training, Girls Track
    Undergraduate Degree: UW- La Crosse
    Administrative Masters Degree: St. Mary's University of Minneapolis
    Administrative Specialist Degree:  St. Mary's University of Minneapolis
    I have taught at John Glenn for 18 years. Currently I reside south of the river in Apple Valley very close to the Minnesota Zoo.  No not in the zoo, although life can seem like one at times.  At home I live with my son of 17 years, son of 15 years, and daughter who is going to be 13 in October.  Life is busy but fun!!
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