• Middle School High Potential Program
    Ms. Amber Gardner
    Maplewood Middle
    High Potential Coordinator & Teacher
    Programming at the middle school entails academic challenge through advanced courses (Enriched Language Art and Accelerated Math), as well as differentiation in the regular classes. Additionally enrichment is provided through field trips, competitions, clubs, pullouts, and special events. Some of the opportunities in Advanced Classes include Youth Conference, Kids Philosophy Slam, St. Cloud State University Math Contest, and Children's Book Project.
    During and after-school opportunities include Knowledge Bowl, Math Team, Project Citizen, Book Clubs, Yearbook, and National Geographic Bee, as well as others. Field trip opportunities may include Creative Con, St. Cloud State University Math Contest, Young Author's Conference, and Project Citizen State Showcase at the Capitol.
    Other opportunities include Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search (taking the ACT or SAT), North Suburban Summer Academy, Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth (Saturday and summer classes), and University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (accelerated math program for highly exceptional).
    Pull-outs at Maplewood
    - Students meet with the high potential coordinator/teacher 1-2 times a month ranging from several hours to all day
    - Students are pulled out in all grades
    - Pull-outs include problem solving; critical thinking; creative thinking; inquiry-based learning; and strategic thinking; among others
    - Various contents are touched on through activities, including reading, writing, STEM, arts and social studies
    - Activity examples include 100-cup structures; Mysteries in History; Paint Strip Poetry; Face Off Trivia; Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Competition; Tied Up Teamwork; Build a Bridge; Self-exploration; Million Dollar Project; field trip and activities to the Science Museum; Academic Triathlon, Think about it brainstorming; M & Ms activities; Newspaper Create a Story; Personality Poster; Bungee activity; Launch a Character; Book Title Poetry; Case Studies; Design a Zoo; First Lines in Famous Books; games; and competitions, among others! 
    Knowledge Bowl
    Teacher Coordinator
    Math Team
    Mr. Greseth
    Teacher Coordinator
    Harry Potter Book Club 
    Ms. Gardner
    Teacher Coordinator
    Project Citizen (Pull-out 1/month for a full day January-May with field trip at the end)
    Ms. Gardner
    Teacher Coordinator

    Some activities and field trips in the last few years: