• Maplewood TOPS Classes   
    Maplewood TOPS is Maplewood Middle School's after school program:        

    Targeted Opportunities for Personal Success

    TOPS classes focus on improving math, reading, writing, organization, motivation, social skills and much more.  We hope to engage the students in fun after school activities that will help them learn, develop important life skills and build positive relationships with other students and teachers in the school. 
    Winter TOPS Schedule: 4/3/17 - 5/26/17





    Gender Sexuality Alliance (Schmidt/Barry)

    Mustang Movies - 7/8th grade only (Skalbeck)

    More Math! – 6th grade only (Jursik)


    A Cooking Class –
    sign-up required (Jacobson/Knabe)

    Knitting (Jursik)

    Drama Club – auditions already held (Schmidt/Bull/Kleinfehn)
    Mustang Movies - 7/8th grade only (Skalbeck)

    Minecraft - all grades (Liddicoat)


    R&R - Reboot & Review (Picard) – invitation only


    AVID After Hours (Hiniker/Leung) - invitation only

    Hunger Games Book Club* - sign-ups already held (Gardner)
    *some dates may change 

    Knitting (Jursik) 

    Anime (Barry)

    Marvel-ous Movies (Gardner)  

    Art & Technology (Nelson-Rehder)
    Drama Club – auditions already held (Schmidt/Bull/Kleinfehn)

    Mustang Movies - 6th grade only (Skalbeck)


    AVID After Hours (Hiniker/Leung) - invitation only

    GSA in the AM (Schmidt/Barry)

    Mustang Movies - 6th grade only (Skalbeck) 

    More Math! – 6th grade only (Schmidt)
    I Cook, You Dish (Jacobson/Whyte) - invitation only
    FAQs can all be answered here:  Maplewood TOPS overview
    2015-2016 TOPS Calendar can be found here: 16-17 TOPS Calendar
    Looking for more information?
    Please contact our TOPS Coordinator
    Cory Zeglin