• Targeted Opportunities for Personal Success


    TOPS are an offering of optional courses that are targeted to students in need of additional support.  TOPS courses are possible for qualifying students through funds available by the Minnesota Department of Education. Please consider taking advantage of this powerful opportunity for your child.
    “TOPS” (Targeted Opportunities for Personal Success) was the acronym given to North St.Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Targeted Services programming.
    Targeted Services is part of the state ALC (Alternative Learning Center) funding designed for early intervention & prevention programming for students K-8 who are at risk of potentially needing ALC services during their 9-12 years or at risk of dropping out of school. (Minn. Stat. 124D.68)
    The at-risk indicators determined by the MN Statute are:
    • Is below one or more grade level(s) based on standardized tests
    • Is behind peers in satisfactorily completing coursework
    • Is pregnant or is a parent
    • Has been assessed as chemically dependent
    • Has been excluded or expelled
    • Has been referred by a school district for being isolated, demonstrating low motivation, aggression or behavioral problems, has family issues, or for other reasons that puts child at risk of dropping out of school
    • Is a victim of physical or sexual abuse
    • Has experienced mental health problems
    • Has experienced homelessness in the past 6 months
    • Speaks English as a second language or has limited English proficiency (LEP) (Documentation of second language must in student's cumulative file)
    Has withdrawn from school or has a higher than average level of absenteeism
    • Is a sibling of or is being treated in a hospital for a life-threatening disease
    Before and after school classes will be starting on Tuesday, October 31st. Students learned about some of the class offerings during the Hawk Happenings episode on Wednesday, October 18th and online registration is now open.
    If you have any other questions that cannot be answered by the course instructors, please feel free to contact the Skyview Middle School Targeted Services Coordinator, Katie Gropp at kgropp@isd622.org or 651-702-8072.