• E-Learning


    In the event that there is a need to close school due to a weather-related closure, ISD622  has chosen to provide an equitable educational experience at home to our K-5 students through the use of academic choice boards: English, Tabla de Eleccións: Spanish

    The enclosed boards will provide instruction in the event of a short-term school closure of 4 days or less. Many of the activities can be repeated more than one day. There are enough activities to choose from on these boards to fulfill four days of learning. The activities listed take into consideration that many families may not have access to a device and/or the internet on these days. Please note that any activities listed on the choice boards that require technology to complete are optional/supplemental in nature. 

    You are receiving a copy of these choice boards ahead of time, so please put them in a safe location so you can access them later in the year if needed. On the day of a closure, teachers will also send out a link to the district website where a digital version of the choice boards is available to families. This communication will be sent out  by 10:00 AM with information and different ways to communicate with your students’ teacher for the day. They will also be listed on the district website. If you have questions around the activities for the day of a closure, feel free to contact your student’s teacher(s). Teachers will be available via phone and email from 10:00AM through the end of the school day.

    E-Learning days are something new for all of us and it will take collaboration between students, families and teachers.  Please reach out to your student’s teacher(s) with any concerns or questions


    • All classes will have content in Schoology for the day’s learning 

    • Teachers will post work by 10:00 am for the students they would have seen that day

    • Teachers will be available for synchronous (online and via phone) help beginning at 10:00 am through the end of the school day to answer questions and provide guidance

    • Due dates for remote learning day assignments will be flexible

    • Teachers will share their school phone number with students/families and are expected to check their voicemail and email and respond regularly during school hours