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Yog xav tau cov ntawv no txais ua lus hmoob, saib hauv qab no rau sab xis, nias thiab xaiv qhov hais tias Hmoob.


Turjumaada waxaa laga heli karaa geeska midig ee hoose ee shaashaddan. Fadlan door luqadda aad rabto


ကျိာ်​ထံ​တၢ်​အ​က​လုာ်​န​ထံၣ်​အီၤ​သ့​ဖဲ​လၢ​လံာ်​ကျိၤ​လၢ​အ​ဖီ​လာ်​က​တၢၢ်​လၢ​အ​ထွဲ​တ​က​ပၤ. ​ဝံ​သး​စူၤ​ဃု​ထၢ​ကျိာ်​လၢ​န​ဘၣ်​သး​တ​ခါ.



We're so excited to kick off the new school year! We know some of you are already planning ahead although we hope your summer continues to be filled with cherished moments, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Our dedicated staff are preparing to welcome students with open arms into a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

Students, prepare for a year of exploration, intellectual discovery, and building friendships. We're excited to embark on a journey to expand horizons, foster curiosity, and shape future successes. Welcome to School District 622, and here's to an incredible year ahead!

First days of school

Tuesday, September 3
Grades 1-6, 9, and the Harmony K-12 program

Wednesday, September 4
Grades 1-12

Thursday, September 5

Tuesday, September 10
ECSE & Pre-K.

School Supply Lists

Save your receipts!

Purchasing school supplies can get expensive for families. You should save your receipts from these purchases because most school supply purchases qualify for a valuable K-12 Education Credit or Subtraction. Learn more about the credit and subtraction and how to claim it on your taxes next year:

Open Houses and other Back-to-School Events

District Handbook

A John Glenn student in the classroom

Menus & more

Middle school students enjoy summer programs at Skyview.

Safety Procedures

A Next Step student in the classroom


High school student participating in a group activity

Health Services

Richardson's dental sealant clinic is a success!

Mental Health

Weaver students in their classroom

District Policies

A student enjoys summer programming at Castle.

Family Calendar

Students enjoy summer programming at Eagle Point.