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Bilingual Seals

Minnesota schools may award the Minnesota Bilingual or Multilingual seals to students who demonstrate proficiency in languages other than English, including American Sign Language (ASL) and indigenous American Indian languages. District 622 offers this program to recognize the value of speaking more than one language.

Students who demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English and complete the required English Language Arts credits are awarded a Bilingual Seal once they graduate. Students receive a Bilingual Seals certificate and pin, and the Bilingual Seals award is noted on their transcripts. In addition, students receive high school elective credit and may be eligible to receive college credit.

In 2023, 98 ISD 622 high school students demonstrated proficiency in a language other than English and were/will be awarded the Bilingual Seal upon graduation.  Students demonstrated proficiency in Spanish, Hmong, French, Somali Maxaa, Amharic, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Oromo, and Vietnamese. 


Once registered, more information will be shared with all students taking the assessment.


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Bilingual Seals Daphne Quote

As a person who already knows another language, taking the bilingual seal assessment helped me earn high school elective credits and college language credits. This opened up my high school schedule to allow me to take other classes that interested me. And I saved 4 semesters worth of tuition in college.

Dafney Sagnweu - Bilingual Seal Recipient - French - North grad - 2023



Bilingual Seals Goafeng quote

I now know that I have the ability to actually teach how to read and write in Hmong. And it wouldn’t be just for future generations in my family, per se, but I can also teach other people around me. And in a way, that is preserving my culture, because my language is my culture. 

Once I was admitted into the University of St. Thomas, I was able to use the certificate to waive the  language credits there were required for me to take.

Goafeng Xiong - Bilingual Seal Recipient - Hmong - North grad - 2021

Bilingual Seals quote Moises


Taking the bilingual seal assessment helped me earn college language credits and save money. The test was not as difficult as I thought it would be. 

Moises Contreras - Bilingual Seal Recipient - Spanish - Tartan grad - 2023

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