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1st Grade Choice Board

1st Grade Choice Board
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Use the following words in a sentence. Write one of the
sentences down, spelling the Tricky Word correctly.

Tricky Words: some, we, you, they, when, who

Practice addition and/or
subtraction facts for at least
10 minutes.

For example:
3+4, 5+2, 3+2, 7-5, 4-3, 8-5.


Draw or write a picture of
people who help in your
community. Who is helping
around where you are


Use a stopwatch or timer to
see how long you can…
Stand on one leg.
Stay completely still
Hold your breath
Do Jumping Jacks
Do a plank
Create your own

Put the correct punctuation mark at the end of the following sentences:

They like to swim
Can the dog run fast
He is so sweet

Solve the following story
problem using drawings.
A first grader had 8 toys.
She gave 2 toys to her
brother. How many toys
does she have left


Draw or write a list of things people need to be safe in today’s weather and things they may want to have too.


Sing a Story
Read a book using a singing voice. Change your voice for each character

Have an adult or older sibling read a book aloud to the first grader. After reading, ask them what their favorite character was and why.

Solve this math
mountain then make your own math mountain with a missing partner.

math mountain





Build a Tower using building toys or other objects.

How could you make your tower taller?

How could you make your tower more stable?


List ways you can be healthy with another person. Pick something you can do right now to try (exercise, eat a vegetable, etc)

Write or draw about three things you like to do outside
during the winter.
Find a handful of coins and
sort them by pennies,
nickels, and dimes. Then
find the total amount of each group of coins.


Think of an animal you know and draw a picture of what it would do during stormy weather. 


Draw a picture of someone
or something special to you and share it with a family member or friend.