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1st Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition

1st Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Put the correct punctuation mark at the end of the following

They want ice cream, now

Can the baby crawl

He is my best friend

Choose a number between
20 and 100. Use objects,
draw pictures, or use
numbers to show ways to
make the number you

25 and 5 and 5 more is 35.

Write a list of rules that
people in your community
follow. What rule could you

PE - Do all of the exercises
you can think of from PE
class. Start with the warm

Draw a picture of your family. Label each person by writing
their name near them on the page.

Write a number that is less
than 50, a number between 50 and 100, and a number greater than 100.

Use a light and make
shadows with objects. How can you make the shadow change?

Music - Sing/dance to a
song you hear, or make up
your own song about your
Have an adult or older sibling read a book aloud to the student. After reading, ask the student to identify the
different parts (the plot) of the story.

Use objects, drawings,
numbers, and/or rules to
create a pattern you know.





Make a tool to change how your voice sounds (like a rolled up paper as a
megaphone, or cup/string

Science - Draw 3 pictures of a tree or plant. Draw how
the tree/plant would look in
the spring, summer, and fall.

Additional Project Choice:

Project Option
Let’s pretend to be a toy marker! This is a fun, theme project that includes many of the subjects! You may need the help of a family member or an adult with a few of the subjects. Have fun learning!

Science: Grab a stuffed animal or a toy and describe it to a family member or an adult. You may use colors, textures, and size to describe it. Then tell how you think the stuffed animal or toy was made.

Art: Pretend you will make a new toy for students in your class. Make a drawing of the new toy and add in many details such as colors, shapes, and designs.

Writing: You need to write all about your new toy. What does it look like? What does it do? Make sure to include words to describe its colors, textures, and size.

Math: Decide how much your new toy will cost to buy. Then show that number with ten sticks and circles. Example: $34

Reading: Read a book to a stuffed animal or a toy. After reading it, practice retelling with details.