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2nd Grade Choice Board

2nd Grade Choice Board
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Practice spelling the following words and pick two of them
to write in a sentence: bike, time, ride, shine, cake, made,
face, take, plane, tape

Practice addition and/or
subtraction facts for at least 10 minutes

For example:
5+9, 8+3, 7+9, 17-8, 15-6,


Make a list of rules at school and rules at home. Share with someone about what rules are the same and what rules are different


Use a stopwatch or timer to see how long you can…

Stand on one leg.
Stay completely still
Hold your breath
Do Jumping Jacks
Do a plank
Create your own

Use these words to make a sentence. Capitalize the
beginning letter, add punctuation, and circle any nouns:

the man has a shop

did mom make cupcakes

Create a tally chart of things in your house. For example:
chairs, windows, pictures, beds, animals, spoons, etc. chairs 



Write or draw about who is working in your community today. Write or draw how they help people.


Sing three songs you remember from your music class or concert or pick three songs people in your home like to sing together

Read or listen to a book. Share the setting and characters of the story

Solve the following word problem with an equation and drawings. A second grader had 17 pencils. He gave some to his sister. Now he has 9 left. How many pencils did he give to his sister?





Make observations of the weather  outside. Write, draw, or act out a weather report for the day.


List ways you can be healthy with another person. Pick something you can do right now to try (exercise, eat a vegetable, etc).

Write about or draw a picture of your favorite book.

Write 4 addition and 4 subtraction equations for this math mountain.


Write or draw a picture of what animals are well suited to survive in the current
weather. What traits does the animal have that help them survive?


Create a drawing using lines, then color in the spaces.