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2nd Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition

2nd Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Use these words to make a sentence. Capitalize the beginning letter, add punctuation, and circle any verbs:

the girl ran upstairs

did he wave hello

Go on a 2D shape hunt in your house. Draw the shapes you find.

Draw/label, write, or have a conversation about a tradition in your family or community. PE - Do all of the exercises you can think of from PE class. Start with the warm up.

Listen to a book (have another person read it or listen online). Draw a picture of what you heard, including key details.

What are the biggest
and smallest numbers
you can make with
5, 7, 3?

What makes the right conditions for making a snow fort? Draw/write
about it or go try making one.

Music - Sing/dance to a song you hear, or make up your own song about your day.
Make as many words as you can using the letters in

Compare the following
numbers using <, > or =

82 ☐ 173
205 ☐ 315
94 ☐ 113
125 ☐ 517


Draw/label or write about
an animal that stays in MN during the winter. Maybe look outside to
see if you see it. Write a sentence (or make a list) about how you think it is able to survive in the cold/snow.
Science - Make a lists of materials that help keep people warm. What materials do you use most often?

Additional Project Choice:

Project Option
Let’s learn all about home & fire safety today! This is a fun, theme project that includes many of the
subjects! You may need the help of a family member or an adult with a few of the subjects. Have fun

Math: Count the smoke detectors in your home. With a grown-up, push the test button to make sure they work.

Writing: Draw a map with your exit plan in case there is an emergency in your home. Write down the steps, in order, to exit safely.

Social Studies/Speaking & Listening: Have a conversation with someone about what firefighters do to help their community. What questions would you ask them if you had the opportunity? Use words like who, what, where, when, why, how when asking questions.

Science & Engineering: Draw an idea or build a model (a miniature version) of what a person could use to climb out of a window to the ground safely. Label or share what kind of materials you would use to make it strong, but also lightweight so it is easy to use.

Physical Education: Practice stop, drop, and roll 10 times.