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3rd Grade Choice Board

3rd Grade Choice Board
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Pick an animal and write about its habitat. Be as descriptive
as possible. Some questions that might help include: What
is the weather like? What plants or other animals live there?

_ _, _ _ _

Fill in each space with a number. Then write it in word form or expanded form.


Draw a map of the place you are today. Can you find which way is North to make the top of the map?


Take turns between sets of 3 different exercises with no rest in between.
Example: 10 squats, 10 shoulder touches, 10 Jumping Jacks.

Pick one of the questions to answer. Tell someone your

How do animals change as they grow?

What can we learn from observing animals?

Look for fraction numbers in a recipe. Write the fraction numbers and draw a model to represent each fraction.


Challenge: order the fractions in order from least to greatest.


Become a producer, draw or make a new object others could purchase. What kind of toy, device, tool, or other object could you make?


Listen to music and find the steady beat. Use a music word to describe the tempo.

Allegro = fast
Moderato = medium
Andante = walking
Largo = slow

Circle the nouns, draw a wiggly line under the verbs, and
draw a box around the adjectives. Draw an arrow from the
adjective to the noun it describes.

The old, brown bear protects the small cubs.

He swallowed the hot and sweet donuts.

Practice multiplication
and/or division facts for at least 10 minutes.

For example:
3x4, 8x3, 7x4, 56÷8, 36÷6,


With adult permission!
Conduct a melting
experiment. Put snow in two or more cups. What
could you do to one cup to prevent it from melting indoors?


List ways you can be healthy. Pick one thing and make a plan for how you can make this an everyday habit.

Write an opinion paragraph about you feel about today’s
eLearning day.

Create a tally chart or bar graph of things in your space.


Write or draw as many observations outside as you can throughout the day.  Start a page, and add to it. (weather, sun position, sunset, shadows, etc.)


Use household materials to build a 3D project or collage (noodles, cardboard, bottles, leaves, milk caps, paper plates, plastic silverware, aluminum foil).