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3rd Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition

3rd Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Pick one of the questions to answer. Write your answer down and then share it with someone.

What makes up our skeletal system?

What is the difference between joints and muscles?

Draw arrays to represent
these multiplication
problems, then solve them.

4 x 8 =
7 x 5 =
9 x 3 =

Design a town you would like to live in. Draw a map of it. Think about what the
people living there would
need to meet their needs
and some wants.

PE - Do 10 of each exercise in a row without stopping. Do this 3 times.

10 Squats
10 Should Touches
10 Jumping Jacks

Find and read an article, magazine, or other informational text. Write the main idea and three supporting details..

Write your multiplication and division facts using different colors.

Make observations of a fruit or vegetable. Are there seeds? If possible, research how and where
they grow.

Music - Use materials you
have at home to make an
instrument and play along to a song.
Compare and contrast first names of people in your family.
Answer the following questions:
-Who has the most letters?
-Who has the fewest letters?
-Who has the most vowels?
-Who has the most syllables?

Create 10 multiplication
facts then write them as
division problems.

4 x 3 = 12
12 ÷ 4 =


Pick an animal and compare parts of the animal to you.
What similarities can you find? What differences?
Science - Follow a process or recipe to complete a task or food. Be sure to have parent permission.

Additional Project Choice:

Project Option
Let’s learn all about an animal today! This is a fun, theme project that includes many of the subjects! You may
need the help of a family member or an adult with a few of the subjects. Have fun learning!

Think an animal you would like to have as a pet. It could be any animal, common pet or wild animal.

1) Draw the animal and what kind of habitat or enclosure it would need

a) Be sure to include….

i) The food it eats and how it gets water
ii) What type of shelter it would need where you live
iii) Something the animal can do (space to run, hunt, swim, play with, etc.)

2) Write a story (at least 5 sentences) about what it would be like to have that animal as a pet

3) Plan a budget for all the things you would need to buy for your animal.

a) Make a list of what you need.
b) Find the cost of each item, or estimate the cost if you can’t find the real cost.
c) Add the costs together to find the total cost.

4) Share your work with an adult. Show them what you learned and if you think it would be a good idea
or not to get that type of animal as a pet.