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4th Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition

4th Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Find a cozy spot and snuggle up and read for 20 minutes.

Write 4 multiplication or division word problems. Solve each problem and show your work using numbers, words, or drawings.

Design a town you would like to live in. Draw a map of it. Think about what the people living there would need to meet their needs and some wants. PE - Do the following exercises
20 toe touches
20 sit ups
20 mountain climbers 30
jumping jacks
20 Second plank

Write n. above the nouns and adj. above the adjectives. Draw an arrow from each adjective to the noun it describes.

I looked at the shiny, rough rock on the ground.

The party was loud and a little crazy, but fun!

Your friend needs help
understanding how to multiply.
Write and draw an explanation
for a multiplication strategy
to teach it to a friend.


Snow can be fun and challenging for people in Winter. Draw/write about what helpful things does snow do for
plants and animals in nature.
Music - Explore your home and
make a list of at least 10 things
that could make an instrument.
Create a comic strip showing details from your day. It should
include at least 10 frames.

Create a restaurant menu with any food of your choice. Then create prices for your customers but write your prices as multiplication facts.

Cupcakes: 2 x $3= $6
Nachos: 6 x $4= $24

Draw/write about an animal that is well suited for snowy MN Winters. What traits help it survive in the winter season? Science - Do a snow experiment. Get a cup, bowl, or bucket of snow. Place it in a bathtub or a sink and time how
long it will take to melt. Make a
prediction before you start.

Additional Project Choice:

Project Ideas:
Let’s learn all about weather and become a weather reporter for the day. This is a fun, theme project that
includes many of the subjects! You may need the help of a family member or an adult with a few of the
subjects. Have fun learning!

1) Find a resources for today’s weather report

a) Resources include, tv news, weather apps, websites, news papers.

2) Find a paper and make a chart

a) Record at least the following information
b) High and Low Temperature
c) Chance of precipitation
d) Cloud conditions

3) Prepare to communicate the weather to others. Communicate it in a way you are comfortable and you think others would like.

a) Options for communicating: write a weather report for a newspaper or website, record a weather report on camera, make a poster/digital poster with the day’s weather report for a school