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5th Grade Choice Board

5th Grade Choice Board
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Turn off the lights, grab a flashlight or small lamp, and read
in the dark for 20-30 minutes

Use any digits 0-9 to make 4 numbers from the hundred millions to the thousandths place. Then order the numbers from least to greatest.



Draw a map of the place you are today. Can you find which way is north to make the top of the map?


Take turns between sets of 3 different exercises with no rest in between.
Example: 10 squats, 10 shoulder touches, 10 Jumping Jacks.

Verbs that describe action in a specific and descriptive way
are “strong.” Make a list of strong verbs for the following
words: look at, run, move, talk

Write an equation. Then solve.

A fifth grader had fabric that was 7.2 feet long. She used some and now has 1.55 feet.
How much did she use?


List good and services that are in demand because of today’s weather. How could a person meet the demand by providing a service?


Create: Compose
Write a rap or song about how you are feeling, or what you
are thinking about today. You could start by making a list of rhyming words.

Rewrite the following sentences to show, not tell, the reader what is happening:

They are happy.

It snowed.

Find a recipe that includes
fractions. Figure out the
amount of each ingredient
needed if you were to
double the recipe.



With adult permission!
Conduct a melting
experiment. Put snow in two or more cups. What
could you do to one cup to prevent it from melting indoors?


List ways you can be healthy. Pick one thing and make a plan for how you can make this an everyday habit.

Think about an adult in your life (ex: teacher, parent,
neighbor, etc.). Think about today’s eLearning Day from
their point of view. Write a paragraph telling their perspective..

Create a survey question to gather data from your
friends and family. Create a table and bar graph with
your results. What is the
mean, median and mode?



Make a list of everything
using various types of
energy (heat, electrical,
chemical, light). Find ways
electricity is transferred
(such as electrical to heat)


Using a mirror, draw a self portrait. Try to make your expression match how you feel today.