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5th Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition

5th Grade Choice Board, 2nd Edition
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Read a book for at least 35 minutes!
Write the title here:

Make a wish list of at least
10 items that you would like to purchase.
Include the dollars and
cents in the price. Estimate the total price, then find the actual price.

Design a town you would like to live in. Draw a map of it. Think about what the people living there would need to meet their needs and some wants. PE - Do the following exercises
20 toe touches
20 sit ups
20 mountain climbers 30
jumping jacks
20 Second plank

Write a poem that describes how you are feeling today. Use as much figurative language as you can. If you have time, create an illustration to go with your poem.

Look up a recipe online or at home. Figure out how much of each ingredient you will need to double the recipe and rewrite the recipe showing your work of how you doubled the fractions.


Make a list of animals that survive well in winter. List at least one or two traits that help them survive in the
Music - Explore your home and
make a list of at least 10 things
that could make an instrument.
Use specific details from two of your favorite stories tovcreate a Venn Diagram or two lists comparing and
contrasting the two.
Create a number line
labeled with 0 and 2. Then
place 3 fractions and 2
mixed numbers on the
number line. Make sure
your lines are spaced
Plan how you could track how deep the snow gets over the course of a year.
Draw or make a tool. If you have a tool, test it outside to measure snow depth in multiple locations.
Science -Gath r a cup or
bowl of snow. Add another
substance to it (like water) and write at least 3
observations. What happens right away, after 10 minutes, and after an hour
or more?

Additional Project Choice:

Project Ideas:

Let’s learn all about being a restaurant owner today. This is a fun, theme project that includes many of the
subjects! You may need the help of a family member or an adult with a few of the subjects. Have fun learning!

Find a couple of restaurant menus for examples to look at. You can find menus online or maybe your family has
some take out menus in a drawer. Read over them. What is included on a menu? Make a list of the different
things you notice.

Next, create a menu for your very own restaurant. Decide what type of food you will serve. How many items will
you have? Be sure to write out menu items and their descriptions so people know what they are ordering. Draw
and color a picture on the front or at the top of your menu.

After you have the items written on your menu, list the price for each item. Be sure to include a dollar sign and
decimal point in your prices.

Show your menu to someone at home. Have them order some food. Add up their order and tell them how much
money their bill would be.

If you had to cook the food for your restaurant where you live, what appliance would you use? Oven?
Microwave? Toaster Oven? Stove? See if you can locate the power source for that appliance. How does it get
power? How does it cook food?

Write a short song that you could use on a commercial to advertise your restaurant. You can record yourself on a
device if someone has one at home. Feel free to email it to your teacher so they can hear it too!