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Early Learning Choice Board

Early Learning Choice Board
Reading Writing Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Find a book. Snuggle up in your favorite spot and look at the pictures. As you look at the pictures, “read” the story by telling what is happening on the pages. You can read to a family member or a stuffed animal. Listen to a book

Rainbow Writing. Practice writing your name multiple times using a rainbow of colors. You can also practice writing other words as well.

Find a deck of cards. Take out A, J, Q, K. Only use the numbers. Then, play “Number Top It.” Each player flips over a card. Whoever has the higher number keeps both cards. Practice saying the numbers out loud. 


Look in a mirror. Practice making different faces in the mirror. Happy, Sad, Angry, Frustrated, Silly, Calm, 

What can you do to help yourself feel calm? Practice calming breaths. 


Move and Freeze. 

Turn on some music and hit pause at different times. Everyone freezes when the music stops. Play for a few songs to get your wiggles out. Freeze Dance Song

Ask a grown-up or big kid to read a story to you, or watch a video online. While you read, pause to talk about what is happening in the story. What is your favorite part? Storyline Online:

Look out a window. What do you see? Draw a picture and then have a grown-up  write your words. Try to write one or two of the words on your own. 

Find 2 different objects and make a pattern. Can you make a different pattern?



Ask others how they feel today. What kind things can you do to help others feel happy and loved? 


Play or listen to your favorite song. Sing it loud, then sing it quiet.  Super Simple Songs

Find letters around the room. What sound does that letter make? Letter Sound Video

Draw a picture of yourself. Help label your body parts. Sing the “Mat Man” song as you draw your picture. Mat Man Video

Look for numbers around the room. What numbers do you see? 


Mix colors: find markers or paint and practice mixing 2 primary colors (red, yellow, blue) together to make a new color.PBS Kids Mixing Colors


Think about what you do to stay healthy. Try doing something that is healthy today. (Eating fruits and vegetables or exercising)

Watch Sesame Street talk about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables

Find words around the room. Can you use context clues to figure out what the word might be?

Write a letter to a friend. Draw a picture and write a word or two. Then, have a grown-up write words to describe your picture. Deliver the letter to your friend when you see them again, or drop it in the mail. 

Practice counting to 10 using 10 objects. Now try counting 20 objects. Can you go higher? 

Counting 1-10 video

Counting 10-20 video


Find something that grows; like a plant. Look at the plant and figure out what it needs to grow. What can you do to take care of the plant? 


Use household materials to create a work of art. Markers, toilet paper rolls, coffee filters, etc. What did you make? 40 art ideas on using toilet paper rolls