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Kindergarten Choice Board

Kindergarten Choice Board
Literacy Math Social Studies / Science Specialists

Your child is learning to read words printed in lowercase letters by saying individual sounds and blending them to read a word. Ask your child to read the words by first saying the individual sounds and then blending them together. (Ex: /m/ /a/ /t/ “mat.”) 

Have your child blend and read these words: mat, dad, got, cat, Practice
Practice counting 1 to 20. Challenge: try counting by fives.


Draw or write a picture of people who help in your community.  Who is helping around where you are today


Use a stopwatch or timer to see how long you can…

Stand on one leg.

Stay completely still

Hold your breath

Do Jumping Jacks

Do a plank

Create your own

Have your child draw a picture of or write the following words on a piece of paper: cat, mom, dot, mat, dad, mad Count 3-5 collections of objects around your house. For example: coins, small toys, cups, shoes. Record the number of each collection


Draw or write a list of things people need to be safe in today’s weather and things they may want to have too.


Sing a Story

Read a book using a singing voice. Change your  voice for each character.

Think of as many words that start with the /m/ sound as possible. Say them aloud. (Ex: “mouse,” “mom,” “marker”)

Make 5 different pattern drawings. Example, here are two patterns


Build a Tower using building toys or other objects.

How could you make your tower taller?

How could you make your tower more stable?



List ways you can be healthy with another person. Pick something you can do right now to try (exercise, eat a vegetable, etc)

Have an adult or older sibling read a book aloud to the kindergartener. After reading, ask them what their favorite part was and why.

Pick a number between 1 and 10 & draw the number. Example: 8 



Then write the number three times.  Do this again with another number.


Think of an animal you know and draw a picture of what it would do during stormy weather. 


Draw something you can see outside your window or close to home. You can use markers, pencils, crayons, or colored pencils for your artistic creation