North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale ISD 622

SchoolDistrict 622

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School District 622 seeks an increase in its operating levy to:
  • maintain existing academic programs
  • support struggling learners
  • improve student and school safety
  • expand accelerated learning opportunities
If the levy fails, the school board has determined the lack of additional funding could result in:
  • class size increases due to teacher cuts
  • cuts to staff and programs that help struggling and advanced learners
  • reduced support for academic and behavior interventions
  • fewer electives at secondary level
  • inability to invest in updated classroom technology
  • reduced busing for middle school activities
  • increased walking distance for students

Residents will vote on the request on the November 8, 2016 general election ballot.

Fast facts:
  • The ballot request is for a $630/student increase in the District’s operating levy for ten years, adjusted annually for inflation
  • The District’s current levy is the lowest of the 20 largest metro area districts – if the levy increase is approved by voters, District 622 would still be below the average
  • Since last November’s levy defeat, the District listened to the community and:
    • surveyed the community 
    • simplified the request  (one question not two)
    • reduced the levy amount  (cut levy increase by one-third)
  • The tax impact on the average homeowner ($190,000 value home) would be less than $16 per month if levy is approved
  • State funding has not kept pace with inflation, nor with increasing educational needs
  • District 622 has not increased its operating levy since 2002
  • The District has cut nearly $34 million since 2005-06 and is projecting $3.5 million in cuts for 2017-18
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