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What services do school social workers offer?

What services do school social workers offer?
  • Individual therapeutic services with special education students.

  • The leadership of school-based groups which include both special education and regular education students. School social workers may also lead groups for parents.

  • Communication of information about how factors such as family, culture, socioeconomic status, physical and mental health can affect students’ performance.

  • Crisis prevention and intervention.

  • Social, emotional, behavioral, functional and adaptive assessments of students as part of the special education assessment process.

  • Consultation with parents and teachers about the mental health, social-emotional and behavioral needs of students.

  • Information & referral to community mental health and human services.

  • Linking families to resources such as support groups, medical care, mental health services, housing, clothing, or food

  • Working with families in times of crisis such as death, serious illness, financial hard times, or homelessness

  • Advising parents about things such as parenting techniques and working positively with school staff

  • Making suggestions to teachers for specific ways to work positively with individual children, based on the student’s unique needs

  • Leading small groups to help students improve social skills, deal with issues of grief and loss, or manage feelings.

  • Occasionally, providing individual counseling to students to help them learn and practice skills such as self-discipline, organization, conflict resolution, social skills, and decision making.