District 622 Preschool

  • A Solid Foundation for Success!  

    We are committed to the social and academic success of your child. District 622 Preschool offers a high ­quality preschool program in eight locations throughout the school district. Four year-olds can attend morning or afternoon preschool classes five days a week. Families with three year-olds may choose two or three half days per week.  
    Learning is a social process involving play, exploration, and interaction. All children are welcomed and celebrated for who they are. Each child has unique strengths that are built upon daily. Children thrive in a safe and nurturing environment through respect and consistent rituals and routines. Your child will learn skills needed for kindergarten such as sharing, listening, and cooperation, and develop the confidence to succeed in school. Through hands-on experiences your child will develop academic skills in literacy, math, science and understanding the world around us. Learn more about us.
  • Why Choose District 622 Preschool

    • Due to special funding from the State of Minnesota, 4 year-old preschool is FREE to families, with transportation available on regular school bus routes. All families who live within the elementary school's attendance areas are encouraged to apply. Out of district residents will be considered if space is available on or after August 23. If there is not sufficient space to place all interested families, priority will be given to district residents with demonstrated need based on family income, language, development, and other family factors.

    • Free and reduced fee enrollment for those who qualify makes 3 year-old preschool affordable.

    • All classes are half-day, offered September 7, 2021 through June 2, 2022.

    • 4 year-olds who attend District 622 Preschool experience a smoother transition to kindergarten. Students are placed in classes with peers who will attend their same elementary school and our curriculum aligns with kindergarten.

    • Classrooms at Castle, Carver and Richardson are newly remodeled. More school construction projects are in the works!

    • Before OR after care options are available at elementary school locations through Adventure Connection. Adventure Connection is not available during the elementary school day. 

    • District 622 Preschool is 4-Star Parent Aware-rated and is aligned with the Minnesota state standards.