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Health Services

Research has shown that students with an optimal level of wellness are more receptive to the learning process. Therefore, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale health services staff strive to create an environment that promotes and supports student achievement, health, and well-being.

The primary goals of health services are to minimize or eliminate health-related barriers to learning and assist students to be self-sufficient in managing their health care within age-appropriate expectations. To accomplish this, health services staff, as part of the school team, strive to:

  • Promote student wellness
  • Provide skilled nursing services
  • Encourage healthy behaviors and self-care
  • Assess and communicate student health concerns through referral to parents/guardians

The model of health services in ISD 622 uses a combination of Baccalaureate degree Registered Nurses (BSNs), Licensed Practical Nurses, and Associate degree Registered Nurses (LPNs/ARNs).

  • LPNs/ARNs perform direct care in the health office for ill and injured students, administer prescribed medication, and carry out delegated nursing activities performed under BSN supervision.
  • BSNs are responsible for coordinating and managing the health needs of individual students during the school day as well as promoting health and safety for all students at a given site. They also provide training, delegation, and supervision to the LPNs/ARNs.
  • The Health Services Supervisor is a Licensed School Nurse who oversees the health services department. This nurse is responsible for creating and reviewing health-related policies and procedures, quality assurance, staffing, and responding to crises. 
Alecia Gustafson

Alecia Gustafson

Health Services Supervisor
District Education Center (DEC)

Laura Lofgren

Health Services Supervisor
District Education Center (DEC)

Is My Child Well Enough To Go To School?

Many students and parents/guardians are frequently concerned about when students should stay home or attend school. The following information is intended to help with this decision.

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