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    What is STEM: Science Technology Engineering & Math
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math - these four subjects are the focus of a new class that was added to the elementary school week in School District 622 during the 2012-2013 scool year. Elementary students at every grade level see a STEM specialist one to two times a week.
    During class, student build skills in each of the four STEM areas to both raise achievement in the areas of science and math and create interest in a future STEM career.
    Why STEM?
    Today, 62 percent of jobs require STEM related skills. As the job market continues to change, students must develop skills in science, technology, engineering and math to prepare them for the workplace. In addition, standards in these four areas have also increased in rigor over the past several years.
    Curriculum: Engineering is Elementary
    During STEM class, students will use the Engineering is Elementary (EIE) program, which integrates engineering with elementary science topics. The goal of the program is to help students become better problem solvers by increasing their technology skills and applying the engineering process using science and math.
    Students participate in hands-on classroom projects such as designing parachutes and bridges, evaluating a landscape, and cleaning an oil spill.
    Partnerships: Making STEM possible
    School District 622 would like to thank the following partners for making the STEM program possible:
    3M for providing the funding to purchase all of the STEM materials and EIE kits; as well as providing a Fellowship Grant, which allows District 622 to access teacher training and staff development support from the University of Minnesota, STEM Education Center.

    STEM in District 622 from School District 622 on Vimeo.

    For more information visit www.isd622.org/STEM or contact your student's STEM specialist.