• About District 622 Preschool
    Four Star Parent Aware Rated
    Parent Aware
    Early childhood is a remarkable time of physical, social, emotional and academic development, so the choice of a preschool program is important. District 622 Preschool is ready to prepare your child for success in kindergarten and beyond. According to Parent Aware, “a program earning a Four Star [rating] shows that it is equipped to offer the very best in quality care, assuring parents that it is doing all it can to prepare their children for school.” 
    Well-Qualified Staff
    Our well-qualified and experienced teachers are committed to the social and academic success of your child. They have degrees in early childhood or related fields. Staff nurture children’s emotional development and academic progress using established and innovative best practices.
    Children learn through hands-on classroom experiences. Curricula aligns with the Minnesota state standards and promotes skill development in all areas needed for Kindergarten. District 622 uses Creative Curriculum as our primary tool to set up the classroom environment and teach a variety of topics, which we call Studies. We use Teaching Strategies Gold as our comprehensive online assessment tool. In addition, we use Early Childhood Workshop to structure our daily schedule and we use Second Step as a resource to teach children Social Emotional strategies. Numbers Work (Math) and Classroom Engagement are also two initiatives that are woven into our daily work with your children.
    Family Engagement
    As a child’s first and most influential teacher, parents are our primary partner in supporting a child’s learning. All preschool classes provide opportunities for parents to be actively engaged in their child’s education. Through meaningful parent involvement, children will be better prepared for success in kindergarten and beyond. More Family Engagement resources