• SAIL Identification Process

    Minnesota state law requires school districts to identify gifted students. School District 622 also chooses to serve those students we identify and others who need more than the core curriculum provides through the SAIL program. The mission of SAIL (Students Accelerated in Learning) is to equitably provide enrichment, extension, and acceleration and opportunities for social-emotional development for students who need it. Our identification process is guided by the idea that we are meeting the needs of students and involves three stages: a universal screener, automatic qualification, and a committee review. 

    • All students are screened twice using the Cognitive Abilities Test (or CogAt). The CogAt consists of 9 subtests organized into three batteries: Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Non-Verbal Ability. All grade 2 students take the entire test in the spring. All grade 4 students take a screener in the fall which includes 3 of the 9 sub-tests; those who score highly then take the remaining 6 sub-tests. 
    • Students who score exceptionally high on all or part of the CogAt are identified as gifted and admitted to SAIL. 
    • Other students with high scores are reviewed by a SAIL identification committee at the elementary site. The committee also reviews students who have high scores on other tests or who have been recommended by a teacher, principal, or parent. 
    • The committee reviews a range of data about each recommended student. The committee has three options:
      • Identify the student as gifted and enroll them in the SAIL program. 
      • Determine the student has a need for enrichment in one or more SAIL units and decide to serve them in those units. 
      • Determine that the student's needs are being met through the classroom but monitor for the future. 

    If you would like your student to be reviewed by the committee, contact your building principal or advanced academics staff member