• First and Second Grade Enrichment

    The advanced academics program in School District 622 offers enrichment classes for grade 1 and 2 students. Classroom teachers nominate students to participate in three different groups during the year. A child might be included in one or all three groups depending on his or her learning strengths and needs. Groups run for approximately four sessions.

    Participation in these groups does not identify students to participate in SAIL. 

    Creative thinking and problem-solving - Fall trimester

    Students work together using their creativity to solve problems. Teachers use a variety of read-aloud stories, art projects, and group work to draw out creative thinking skills. 

    Reading Enrichment - Winter trimester

    Students interact with stories from around the world. Students ask questions and participate in discussions to access higher levels of thinking about the text, and share their thinking with projects aligned to each story. 

    Math Enrichment - Spring trimester

    In this unit, students in 1st-grade complete math activities that provide a connection with a different picture book each week. Second-grade students learn about different numbering systems and practice using the Egyptian numbering system to further their understanding of place value.