K-12 Gifted and Talented Program

    Mission Statement:
    It is the mission of District 622 to provide opportunities that enable the gifted and talented learner to strive for personal excellence.

    K-12 Program Goals
    • Students will have opportunities to pursue and explore advanced learning in areas of interest, talent and ability to meet their unique intellectual and aesthetic needs.
    • Students will be challenged to maximize personal potential.
    • Students will know and use the skills of problems solving, decision making, and critical thinking.
    • Students will act responsibly toward human diversity through knowledge of cultural differences and individual uniqueness.
    • Students will learn to work creatively and cooperatively with others.
    • Students will develop positive attitudes toward self and a willingness to take risks.
    • Students will be taught the skills that will enable them to become independent, self-directed, life-long learners.
    • Students will be encouraged to become active leaders in our society.
    • Students will develop skills to become effective communicators.


    High potential students are individuals who demonstrate original, flexible behavior that sets their product, ideas or accomplishments apart from the ordinary.


    Myths about the Gifted Student


    What do we do?


    The High Potential Resource team provides direct services to identified students in grades 3-8. In addition, our elementary resource teachers provide enrichment groups to students in grades 1 and 2 who are recommended by their classroom teachers.


    We review student data, collect data and do individual testing of students to identify those students in need of services. We act as a resource to classroom teachers in order to provide challenging learning experiences for learners. 

    Who are we?

    Our team is composed of a coordinator, eight elementary resource teachers assigned to the various buildings, and three middle school resource teachers who work with the three middle schools. At the high school level, selected staff offer Advanced Placement courses or College in the Schools courses to provide academic rigor for our students.

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