Students Accelerated In Learning (or SAIL) is a program for 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students who need a level of rigor beyond the core curriculum in order to make growth commensurate with their abilities. SAIL students participate in units taught by the building’s advanced academics staff member and COMET. (You can learn more about how students are identified to participate in SAIL at this link)

    SAIL students meet once a week throughout the year to work in three academic units: Inventive Thinking, Research, and Hands-On Equations. Each year, the thinking asked of students in these units increases. In addition, students work through an affective needs curriculum that addresses emotional needs specific to high ability children through art, creative writing, and communication. At the beginning of each unit, an overview and performance rubric is sent home to parents; parents will receive a scored rubric with teacher comments when the unit ends.

    Inventions Unit - Fall Trimester

    Students use creative and critical thinking skills to tackle a variety of complex challenges. Students work through the engineering cycle to attempt to solve problems, evaluate their effort, and use what they’ve learned to improve. Each grade level is presented with an Inventive Thinking challenge and work to solve the challenge and present their invention to the group.

    Research Unit - Winter Trimester

    The students will choose a topic and find reliable and interesting information about it. Each student will then share what they’ve learned in an interesting way that makes use of technology. This product will then be displayed at Parent-Teacher Conferences at the student's school.

    Hands-On Equations - Spring Trimester

    In this unit, students are introduced to the foundational ideas of algebra. They will transform a given abstract equation into a physical model and then proceed to solve the equation through the use of “legal moves,” which are the physical counterparts of the mathematical principles involved.


    Creating Opportunities for the Multi-Educationally Talented (COMET) is an optional enrichment opportunity that students may choose to attend. Twice a year, SAIL students who choose to participate spend a week at the Science Museum investigating a topic of their choice taught by Science Museum educators. Classes are offered that enrich literature and the arts as well as science and creativity. There is a fee for participation and a limited number of scholarships offered each year. 

    Summer Academy

    SAIL students are eligible to participate in Summer Academy, a three-week hands-on, interactive learning and enrichment opportunity for highly able students. Participation is limited to identified SAIL students in grades 3-5 and teacher-recommended students in grades 1 and 2. Contact the high potential teacher at your elementary school to see if your child is eligible. Summer Academy is a fee-based program; financial assistance is available for qualifying families. Learn more about Summer Academy at their website.