• Learning Trunks

    The Learning Trunks were created by our American Indian Education program to provide teachers and students with hands-on materials to enhance our Ojibwe and Dakota curriculum and learning tools to see things from an American Indian perspective.
    The items in these trunks are not for "show and tell" rather each one has a purpose and is an integral part of the curriculum.
    We have an Ojibwe/Dakota Learning Trunk & Bin in each of the nine elementary schools. Sixth grade Learning Trunks are in all three middle schools.
    Our Indian Education program has special Learning Trunks that we use to teach our American Indian students. These trunks stay within our department and are used by our staff. These trunks include an Ojibwe Trunk, and Animal Trunk and an American Indian Art & Music Learning Trunk. 
    Photo of Buffalo Trunk Photo of plant trunk
     Dakota        Ojibwe
    Animal Trunk   Art & Music Trunk  
    Animal Trunk      Art & Music Trunk
    American Indian Education Title VII funds were used to create the trunks. Robin Nelson is available on a limited basis to do classroom presentations using the trunks for Kindergarten through 12th Grade and during special events. Robin can be reached at 651-748-7548.