• Title l

    The mission of Title l in District 622 is to help struggling students develop the skills and confidence they need to fully access classroom instruction and achieve academic success.

    District 622 Title I Mission Statement, adopted by the Title I Steering Committee

    Title I is a federal program which provides funds to supplement educational services in schools with higher percentages of students receiving Free or Reduced Price Lunch assistance. The purpose of the program is to ensure that students in these schools have access to a high-quality education. 

    District 622 has elected to serve its qualified elementary schools with Title I. All seven of our elementary schools receive Title I funds. 


    Title I School-Wide Programs (SWP)

    Seven of the District 622's Title I schools are School-Wide Title I (SWP) programs. School-Wide programs are Title I schools with Free-Reduced Price Lunch rates greater than 40% that design and implement a school reform plan aimed at improving overall education, while still focusing on students at risk of not meeting standards. SWP status allows schools more flexibility in using Title I funds. For example, SWP staff funded by Title I dollars can work with any student within the school.

    District 622 School-Wide Title I Schools for 2022-2023


    Title I Targeted Assistance Programs (TA)

    As of 22-23 two schools in ISD 622 qualify as a Targeted Assistance program. TA is a supplemental program provided during the regular school day to raise the achievement level of students most at risk of not meeting academic standards. Title I funds are used to provide additional support for students while also increasing opportunities for parents’ involvement in their students’ education. In this program, staff funded through Title I are only allowed to work with students identified as meeting criteria. This differs from a Schoolwide Program, where all students may receive additional support.

    District 622 Title I Targeted Assistance Programs for 2022-2023


    Non-Public Schools and Title I

    Eligible students in non-public schools in District 622's boundaries are also eligible for Title I services from the district. Students in four non-public schools will receive District 622 Title I services during the 2022-2023 school year.

    Non-public schools receiving Title I services

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