Richardson Elementary School

SchoolDistrict 622

Hmong Club 2013

Richardson Hmong Club

Nyob zoo!
Richardson's Hmong Club consists of 40+ Hmong students who meet weekly to learn more about Hmong culture, history, and language.  Hmong Club provides a positive space for Hmong students to engage in learning.  Here, we can unearth our historical truths and celebrate the achievements of our parents, our grandparents, and our people.  Together, we will stand proud and become who we were meant to be.    
Our goals include:
  • Teach and promote better understanding of Hmong culture, language, and history
  • Validate and affirm students' home culture and language 
  • Provide a positive and meaningful environment for Hmong students to interact 
  • Connect students to the greater Hmong community and resources
  • Improve Hmong reading, writing, and listening skills
New Year Dancers          NY
A group of dancers perform at the                   Attendees at the Richardson Hmong New Year.    
annual Richardson Hmong New Year.
Hmong Club focuses on the scientific process through exploring Non-Newtonian properties; baking soda volcanoes; and Coke and Mentos experiments.


Celebrating a year's hard work.  Thank you to our families for your dedication to your child's success!