EL at Richardson:

    Our EL program provides instruction in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English to students who have a language other than English in their background. We provide extra assistance in social and academic language development. The EL class is designed to meet your child where they are in their English language needs.

    We use a few different models of EL instruction.
    Some students are pulled-out of their class in small groups, some students receive individual assistance, and others receive assistance in the classroom through collaboration with the mainstream teacher.
    At Richardson there are students with a wide variety of English language proficiency. Some students are new to the counrty while others were born in the US and come from bilingual backgrounds. Students are given instruction appropriate to their level with the goal of becoming proficient in social and academic language.

    EL Staff:


    Miriam Yang 

    My name is Miriam Yang and I am one of the EL teachers at Richardson Elementary School.

    This is my ninth year teaching. I have had experience teaching elementary, middle and high school EL students.  I enjoy all the age groups equally and I am excited to be working with the Kindergarten through 5th grade EL students at Richardson.

    I have a strong background in foreign language learning.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, and my Master’s in EL education. I have studied Hebrew, French, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese. I am also trying my best to learn more of the Hmong language. My husband is Hmong and we hope that our daughter will be a confident speaker of both languages. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to learn another language and stike a balance between home culture and the mainstream expectations. In effect, I strive to give students the most comfortable and engaging classroom experience as possible.

    I also want to make sure that your questions are answered and that you are informed about your child’s progress and experiences at school. If at any time you have questions about the school, or any other concerns about your child please contact me and I will help you find the answers. 
    (651) 748-6941


    Estimados padres y madres:

    Hola, mi nombre es Miriam Yang e yo soy la maestra de Inglés como lengua extrangera en la Escuela Primaria Richardson.

    Este es mi nueve año trabajando como maestra de inglés. He tenido experiencia de trabajo con escuelas primaria, intermedia y secundaria con los estudiantes de EL. Me gusta trabajar con todas las edades y estoy muy feliz con la oportunidade de trabajar con los estudiantes de EL en la escuela Richardson, de kinder hasta 5º grado.

    Yo tengo una gran experiencia en el aprendizaje de idiomas extranjeros. Obtuve mi título de Licenciatura en Lingüística. He estudiado hebreo, francés, ruso, español, Hmong y japonés. Sé de primera mano lo difícil que puede ser aprender otro idioma, así que me esfuerzo para proporcionar a los estudiantes una experiencia lo más cómoda y atractiva posible.

    También quiero asegurarme de que sus preguntas sean respondidas y que usted esté informado sobre el progreso y experiencias de su hijo en la escuela. Si en algún momento usted tiene preguntas sobre la escuela, o cualquier otra pregunta acerca de su hijo, por favor, póngase en contacto conmigo e yo le ayudaré a encontrar las respuestas.

    (651) 748-6941



    Richardson Elementary School, 2615 First Street North, North St. Paul, Minnesota 55109




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