• Bus Routes & Schedules for the 2018-2019 School Year

    School bus

    • Routes are now designated by alphabet letter for secondary schools and animal names for elementary.
    • Routes are subject to change, but finalized for the first 2 weeks.
    • Check often for updates.
    • Schools are notified about changes.


    Elementary Schools
    Date Last Updated
    Route Last Updated
    Carver  10/25/2018

     Route F

    Effective 10/29

    Castle  10/9/2018  Route C
    Cowern  10/7/2018  Route B
    Eagle Point  10/7/2018  Route B, D
    Oakdale  10/25/2018

     Route C, D, G*

    *G New Route 10/29

    Richardson  3/27/19

     Route A

    Effective 4/1/19

    Skyview Elem  9/10/2018  Route A, E
    Weaver  10/25/2018

     Route A,B,C,D,E,F,G

    Effective 10/29

    Webster  9/17/2018  Route C


    Middle Schools        
    Date Last Updated
    Route Last Updated
    John Glenn  3/27/19

     Route J

    Effective 4/1/19

    Maplewood  1/3/19

     Route E

     Effective 1/7/19

    Skyview Middle  9/10/2018  Route E, L
    High Schools           
    Date Last Updated
    Route Last Updated
    North  3/27/19

     Route A

    Effective 4/1/19

    Tartan  11/26/2018

    Route L

    Effective 11/26

    Non-Public/Charter Schools
    Date Last Updated
    Route Last Updated
     Capitol City  9/17/2018  Route A
    Christ Lutheran  12/13/2018  Route C
    Gethsemane  9/10/2018  Route A, B, C, D
    Hill Murray  10/7/2018  Route C, D
    Mounds Park Acad.  10/7/2018  Route C, D
    NE Metro Flex Acad.  10/9/2018  Route D
    Presentation  10/7/2018  Route A
    St. Peter 12/13/2018  Route C
    Transfiguration  9/10/2018  Route A, B, C, D