• North High School
    2416 East 11th Avenue
    North St. Paul, MN 55109

    School Hours: 8:15 am – 2:45 pm
    Office Hours: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm
    Phone: 651-748-6000
    Attendance Line: 651-748-6190

    Attendance Email: List-North-Early-Release@isd622.org 
    Fax: 651-748-6091

    General Phone Number: 651-748-6000
    For Attendance, press 1
    For Guidance Office, press 2
    For Activities, press 3
    For School Nurse, press 4
    For General questions or Main Office, press 5
    For Assistant Principal Stephanee Goeken or Assistant Principal Deron Drummond, Press 6
    For Principal Kevin Wolff, press 7

    Principal Kevin Wolff, 651-748-6010
    Assistant Principal Grade 9  Stephanee Goeken, 651-748-6013
    Assistant Principal Grade 10 Deron Drummond651-748-6012

    Dean of Students, Grade 11 Keith Reynolds, 651-748-6168
    Assistant Principal Grade 12 Lee Vang, 651-748-6011
    Athletic Director Jed Helwig651-748-6022

    Administrative Support
    Principal's Secretary Nita Bruun651-748-6001
    Welcome Desk Lynne Molitor651-748-6066

    Athletics/Activities Office
    Activities Director Jed Helwig651-748-6022
    Activities Secretary Penny LaVick651-748-6021

    Guidance Office
    Counselor, Student Alpha A-Go Amy Cosgrove, 651-748-6035
    Counselor, Student Alpha Gp-Ma Janice Yamamoto651-748-6037
    Counselor, Student Alpha Mb-S Andrea Hager651-748-6033
    Counselor, Student Alpha T-Z Molly Bye, 651-748-6034
    Guidance Secretary Nancy Gustafson651-748-6032

    Attendance Secretary
    Kim Schaar, 651-748-6067 

    Student Services
    Social Worker Annie Hodges, 651-748-6024

    Social Worker Kylie Davis, 651-748-6198
    Psychologist Steven Anderson651-748-6007

    Health Office
    School Nurse Debbie Givot651-748-6015
    Nurse Assistant Melissa Reis651-748-6025

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