• District 622 Volunteers


    Thank you for your interest in sharing your time, knowledge, and abilities with our students and program participants. Volunteers in our district make a difference. Whether you're a parent, community member, or current student, we offer a variety of ways to get involved in our schools and program sites. 

    We have suspended the majority of in-person volunteer opportunities in response to COVID-19, but do have some opportunities for in-person volunteering.

    When volunteering in a building, we require all volunteers to wear a mask (even if vaccinated) and practice social distancing. We also ask all volunteers to self-screen for COVID-19 before volunteering on-site using this Assessment Tool.

    Current volunteers: If you test positive for COVID-19 after volunteering in person, please submit this 622 COVID Response Form so our contact tracing team can follow up with you.

    Getting Started

    If you're new to volunteering with District 622, please complete the following steps:

    1. Reach out to the contact person listed under any volunteer opportunity that interests you. They will discuss the opportunity with you in more detail and help you complete a volunteer application and background check (as needed).
    2. Prepare for your first day as a volunteer by reviewing our Volunteer Handbook


    Field Trip Chaperones

    If you are a parent/guardian of a current student and plan to chaperone an upcoming field trip, please complete a Parent/Guardian Volunteer & Field Trip Chaperone Form. You will automatically be sent a link to complete a background check. If you've already completed a volunteer application or background check for a previous field trip or another volunteer opportunity in the district, you do not need to resubmit (background checks are good for two years). 

    Background Checks

    District 622 does require a criminal background check for some volunteer opportunities, including all field trips. This decision is driven by our commitment to the safety and well being of all students and program participants. At the same time, we do not want the background check process to become a barrier for volunteers.

    Not all volunteer opportunities at our schools require a background check, only those where volunteers are not directly supervised by teachers or staff. A criminal conviction is also not an absolute bar to chaperoning a field trip or volunteering at your child’s school. The district’s Human Resource Department reviews any and all convictions on a case-by-case-basis to determine if the individual may volunteer. Information on background checks is not shared with schools or programs.