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 ---------AP EXAM REVIEW----------
Mr. Dean's Review PowerPoints:

Practice Exams:

  • Learnerator - Lots of free questions by topic WITH explanations of correct/incorrect responses!
  • 2012 AP Exam Questions (with key) - edited so only q's appropriate under new 2013 guidelines are included.
  • Practice Questions from the College Board (the actual AP Exam company). This link is to a HUGE pdf document, so you'll want to go to these pages for the practice questions:
    • multiple choice (pages 128-163)
    • free response questions (pages 164-168)
  • has a bunch of practice exams, check them out!
  • WikiPreMed - good practice question sets for MANY AP topics
Mathematics for the AP Exam:

---------After The Exam---------- 
 Links for research projects:
Getting your AP Results:
  • The College Board is going online with AP Results this year. You are required to set up an account with them to get results. Remember, if required to give an email address, it's a good idea to have a dummy account or "junk" account set up. This will keep your real inbox from getting cluttered with solicitations that you don't want.
  • Go to the College Board's Student Registration webpage to set up your account.
  • These should be available around the end of June - beginning of July.
  • I'd say "Good luck", but we all know it's not about luck.
---------Resources by Unit/Topic----------
Cell Structure & Function:
Photosysnthesis & Respiration:
Cell Communication:
Genetics and Molecular Genetics:
 Some DNA Replication Videos:
Some Transcription and Translation Videos:   
Epigenetics and Control of Eukaryotic Gene Expression:
Genetics of Bacteria and Viruses:
  • Interactive Lac Operon (PhET)
  • RadioLab Website... on this site, search for the Patient O podcast, and give it a listen.  The first 15 min describe the story of Typhoid Mary.  From 15min, 50 sec to 43 minutes you'll hear the story of the search for Patient 0: the origins of the AIDS virus in the human population.  BONUS - from 1:03:15 to 1:13:30 is the story about the evolution of the cowboy hat.
  • AIDS virus infection & possible interventions  Excellent 5 minute animation 
Genetic Engineering:
Mechanisms of Evolution/Population Genetics:
The Diversity of Life - Classification and Phylogeny:
Anatomy and Physiology: 
    Immune System:
    Homeostasis (Regulation & Excretion):
    Hormones and the Endocrine System:
    Animal Reproduction: