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See something? Say something!

Recent school tragedies like the one in Florida have brought an increase in threatening language and rumors circulating on social media aimed at schools in our district and elsewhere. District 622 relies on students, staff, and families to help identify the sources of any threatening language involving our schools.

If you or your student see or hear anything, please access the Tip Line on the website or through our District 622 mobile app. Your tip can be anonymous. Reporting categories include bullying, drugs, feedback, fighting, kudos, personal crisis, safety risk, threat, vandalism, and weapons.

There is a Tip Line tab on the front page of the website. You can report from there or to download the app, search for School District 622 in your app store. There is a green Tip Line icon on the app. Click on it and choose the category for which you would like to report a tip.

As a district, we monitor social media for suspicious language directed toward District 622. With every tip we receive, we work with local police departments to conduct swift and thorough investigations. Students found to be involved in any harmful or threatening activities are held accountable for their actions.

ABC recently featured a story about the use of tip lines.

District 622 already has this technology available to our families and some of the tips received have helped in recent investigations.