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Message from Superintendent Tucci Osorio

Dear 622 Families, 

Over the past few days, our community and nation have been impacted by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. On behalf of District 622 leaders, I want to share our support for the family of George Floyd and for all of our students, staff, and community members impacted by his death.

In District 622, we understand the importance of supporting our students in both their academic and social-emotional development. If we were in school now, our teachers would be planning for how to adjust their routines to create space for the emotions and feelings that would be entering into the classroom. Under our current Distance Learning model, this is more difficult to do. 

With this, I wanted to share some resources with you that can help to guide your conversations with your children as they share their emotions and questions with you. 

As always, we are here to support you. If your child has a need to speak with someone about this or other needs, please contact your building principal so that they can connect you with a counselor or social worker.

I wish you all safety and health during these difficult times. 

Warm Regards, 

Christine Tucci Osorio


Resources to Consider (Provided by the Minnesota Department of Education)