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Secondary learning model update


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Dear Secondary (Grades 6-12) Families:

As you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how public education looks in 2020. We understand the excitement surrounding the anticipation of hybrid Groups A and B returning to the classroom the week of September 28, and as a district, we share in your enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, due to large numbers of students enrolled full time in 622 Online, combined with a recent increase in medical accommodation requests from staff at the secondary level, we need to modify our original hybrid model that was originally shared with you on August 10. 

Our new modified hybrid model will include the following changes:

Group A students will now attend school in-person on Mondays only. The first in-person day for Group A students will be on Monday, October 5. (This is a delay from the original start date of September 28 date published for Group A students).

Group B students will now attend school in-person on Fridays only. The first in-person day for Group B students will be on Friday, October 2. (This is a delay from the original start date of October 1 published for Group B students). 

The reason for this schedule change is threefold:

  • Quality of instruction for all - We needed a plan that could maintain quality of instruction for learners at home; both our 622 Online students, and our hybrid model students during their at-home learning days. Since the start of school, many students have shifted their registration from the hybrid model to 622 Online, significantly increasing the size of our online-only program. Our original hybrid plan published on August 10 did not include synchronous (live) class time for students learning from home. We believe this synchronous class time is an important component of online learning from home. 
  • Teacher workload - With so many students learning from home, teachers have expressed concern about the idea of trying to teach students in person and online simultaneously. This new modified plan eliminates that requirement for teachers. 
  • Support for students - Many families have shared with us a strong need to give our students in-person learning time. This is important for both academic and mental health of our learners. This modified plan allows us to increase synchronous learning time for students at home, while also maintaining at least one day per week of in-person instruction. 

Here is a link to my September 18 presentation to our school board, which explains the reason for this shift. (Please excuse my laryngitis). 

Also, here is a link to my slide-deck shared during the September 18 Board Presentation. Please note that in my presentation, I shared the new high school proposal, but not the middle school version. The middle school version is nearly identical, yet maintains the current rotation of class periods: 1,2,3 then 4,5,6. (HS rotates 1,3,5 then 2,4,6).

We understand that this news may be disappointing. So many students are looking forward to our in-person classes. Although our new plan reduces the number of in-person learning days for secondary hybrid students, we are committed to increasing opportunities for students to reconnect to peers and adults at school. In fact, we are working to restart our clubs and activities, even if they need to take place in a virtual environment. 

In the coming week, your child’s principal will be sending more detailed information with you regarding plans for the first week of hybrid learning for secondary students. In the meantime, please contact your student’s principal if you have specific questions. Or, you can submit questions on this form.

Thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding as we navigate through these challenging times together.


Christine Tucci Osorio