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JGMS Student Device, Instrument, and Locker Items Pick-Up Schedule

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Dear John Glenn Families,

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility as we prepare to implement distance learning for our John Glenn students on March 30th.  Our staff have been working all week to prepare lessons students can begin accessing on March 30th. In preparation, we are offering all our middle school students the opportunity to pick-up any school materials needed for work during distance learning. 

On Monday, March 23rd, John Glenn families are asked to come to school to pick-up devices (if their student does NOT have access to a device at home), collect musical instruments (if their student has one at school), and gather locker contents if needed.  If your child has access to a device at home, is not in band or already has their instrument at home, and needs nothing from their locker, you do NOT need to come to school for this pick-up event.

Since we will have many families coming on Monday, we have created the schedule below for pick-up of devices, instruments, and locker items.  If students need a device and/or musical instrument, curbside pick-up will be at the front (north) entrance of the school. If students need to grab any items from their lockers, they will enter at the bus (west) door of the building.  A limited number of students will be able to enter the building at a time, and staff will monitor the entrance and exit of students at this door.  

To speed up the checkout process, and to reduce the paper transaction, please visit the following link to complete the Chromebook User Agreement.

If families need to pick-up items at school on Monday, March 23rd, the following process will be used:

  1.  Families needing to pick-up devices and/or musical instruments will pull-up by one of the cones (1-5) that are numbered along the curb at the front entrance for JGMS.  Families and students will stay in the car, and a staff member will come to meet the car. Students and parents/guardians will need to read and sign a Device User Agreement at this time.  A copy of this agreement form is included in this communication for families to pre-read. Devices and musical instruments will be delivered to the car.
  2. If students need to get items from their lockers, families will drive around to the bus or side (west) entrance to the building.  Students will enter the building at this entrance to pick-up any items they need from their locker. A limited number of students will be able to enter at a time, so students may not get immediate access.

Any family without transportation to pick-up necessary items should call 651-748-6300.

Monday, March 23rd - JGMS Student Device, Instrument, and Locker Items Pick-Up Schedule


 Pick-up assignment


 Pick-up for families who cannot make their scheduled time


 Students with last names A-G


 Students with last names H-O


 Students with last names P-Z


 Pick-up for families who cannot make their scheduled time

If you have any questions, please call us at 651-748-6300.


Jill Miklausich