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Term 1 Finals - November 28 & 29


Period 1/2: 8:30-9:53am

Period 3/4: 10-11:23am

Period 5/6: 11:30-1:30pm


Lunch Schedule: 

Lunch A Lunch 11:23-11:53; Class 11:56-1:30

Lunch B Class 11:30-11:56; Lunch 11:56-12:26; Class 12:29-1:30

Lunch C Class 11:30-12:29; Lunch 12:29-12:59; Class 1:02-1:30


Parents cannot call in an excuse for any reason other than illness.

Students cannot call parents to have them excuse them.  Passes will not be ran on finals days.  

There will be no Credit Recovery, Polar After Hours or After School Activity bus these days.