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IMPORTANT end of the year information!

Hello Maplewood families!

We made it - the end of the school year is within sight! No matter if we are in-person or doing distance learning, there is certain business that always needs to take place - taking home personal belongings and returning school materials. Lockers are being emptied so that all students:’ personal belongings that have been in their lockers since March will be returned to them. Also, the school needs to collect all school-issued items that students may have at home - laptops, library books, etc. 

On Thursday, June 4th from 8 - 4pm, Maplewood will be open for all students and families to come to school to both pick-up and drop-off belongings and materials. Our biggest priority for the day is the health and safety of all of the students, families, and staff that will be coming to school that day and will follow these safeguards:

  • For students and families arriving in cars: We will be doing all pick-up and drop-offs using a drive-thru system in the bus lane in the front of the school. We ask that items being returned to the school - laptops, library books, instruments, etc. - be placed in the trunk of the car (if possible). When you pull up, Maplewood staff will greet you and gather what is needed with limited person-to-person contact. They will also deliver your student’s bag of belongings that was taken from their locker and place it in your trunk (if possible). 

  • For students and families that walk, bike, etc: We will be marking off socially distanced waiting blocks for students along the front sidewalk of the school. Staff will work with them to take back their school-issued materials - laptops, library books, instruments, etc. Each student will also be given the bag of their belongings. Unfortunately, students will not be allowed to hang out after their business at school is finished. 

There are also some additional details for the day that only apply to certain groups of people:

  • Regarding band instruments: As always, most band students will be allowed to keep their instruments over the summer. Please return the SCHOOL ISSUED instrument if your student will not be in band during the 2020-2021 school year or will be attending a different school outside of ISD 622. Music books can also be dropped off if they are in good condition.

  • Regarding prescription medication that is kept at school: If your student still has a prescription medication at school, this will also be included in your student’s bag of personal belongings.

  • Regarding glasses: If your student was tested and determined to need glasses in February, their glasses will also be a part of the belongings that they can pick up at school. These will be kept separate and brought out to each student/family with the other personal belongings.

  • Regarding students that purchased yearbooks: All yearbooks that were purchased will be available for pick-up along with all of the students’ belongings. If your student would like to purchase a soft-cover yearbook, please place $20 (cash or check) into a sealed envelope and it will be collected along with the school-issued laptops.   

Again, we want to stress that our biggest priority during pick-up/drop-off will be the safety of everyone involved - students, families, and staff. See you on June 4!

Thank you, 

Maplewood Middle School Administration